Rental Information


Rates includes the use of vehicle with unlimited kilometers for a specific period of time (day, week, month).

Rental days are calculated on a 24 hours period or fractions exceeding 3 hours.

Rental fees DO NOT include payment of Traffic Tickets, Fuel, Towing Service, Lost of keys, Delivery or drop-off in other cities, nor any other expenses imputable to our customers.


Customer at all times should carry valid drivers license.

Vehicle should not be OVERLOADED in relation to its capacity.

Driver should strictly obey all traffic laws.

Vehicle should not be driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Vehicle should not be driven off paved roads.

Vehicle should not participate in races, speed or endurance tests and in any other type of competitions.

Do not carry explosive or flammable materials, drugs or weapons.

Vehicle should be parked in safeguarded, closed or watched area.


Consumption is on Customers account. Shall return the vehicle with the same gas level as which it was received.

There is NO REFUND for returning the car with excess fuel.


In case of mechanic failure, Customer should immediately notify us the incident.

In case of accident, Customer should immediately inform us and the Authorities and obtain an OFFICIAL report of the happening. Should never abandon accident area before corresponding authority take facts of the incident.

Customer should always make sure car is kept in a safe place and guarded from being subject to any other additional damages or new accidents.


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